Unisoc, the employers' organization for the Social Services of General Interest in Belgium

Hospitals, Health care, Family welfare and Elderly care, Child and youth care, Care for persons with a disability, Supported employment, Education, Social and cultural organisations.

Beschutte werkplaats

Values driven entrepreneurs

Our organizations combine entrepreneurship and social welfare.


Entrepreneurs for people, with people

Our organizations provide care and services on a needs basis and not according to financial means.


Innovative and inspiring entrepreneurs

We invest in innovative partnerships, processes and work organization, social innovation and in knowledge development.




Who is Unisoc?

Unisoc is the Belgian employers’ organisation for the Social Services of General Interest (SSGI). It represents over 33.000 non-profit-making organisations and over 750.000 employees in Belgium.

What does Unisoc do?

Unisoc stands for social entrepreneurship. It supports and strengthens its members in their production of SSGI that are vital to the entire population and which therefore have to be of a high quality and (financially) accessible to everybody. Add to this the non-profit-making guideline stipulating that profits should be reinvested in the production of SSGI rather than distributed to shareholders and you have the main guiding principle of the social entrepreneurship Unisoc stands for.

Unisoc achieves its objectives through its participation in the cross-industry social dialogue in Belgium and Europe as an officially recognised partner by law.

Unisoc members

Unisoc members are branch organisations representing employers providing services in the following branches:

  • hospitals
  • health care
  • family welfare and help for the elderly
  • help and care for the young and the disabled
  • sheltered and social workshops
  • sociocultural branch
  • education
  • social organisations

They represent their members’ interests in the social dialogue at branch level and conclude collective bargaining agreements.

Find a complete list of Unisoc members here.


Contact person:

Cathy De Vel